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    Zane (Edited )

    Hi, thanks for reaching out!

    I see you have also submitted a support request regarding this and our team was able to provide more information already, but I will also add the details here. 

    It looks like the Roland VS-2480 is a self-contained 24-track/24-bit/96kHz digital recording workstation and it is not required to connect the device to your computer as the idea is that the device works on its own and all you have to do is connect the output and you're rather good to go.
    In this case, unfortunately, getting the calibration from the SoundID Reference app won't be possible as the VS-2480 is a standalone workstation. If the VS-2480 was recognized as an audio interface, then there would be a possibility to install our software and it would be recognized as an audio interface, which can then be used as an output in SoundID Reference.

    If you can route tracks to the Reaper DAW, you can consider using the SoundID Reference plugin on a mix bus to get the calibration. 

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