Sound ID does not work on High seirra mac could never launch for free trial


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    Thanks for reaching out, very sorry to hear that there is some trouble with activating the trial.

    With the release of SoundID Reference 5.3., some older OS versions are no longer supported, including macOS 10.13. As we have introduced SoundID Reference for Multichannel, the default trial in the user account would be for SoundID Reference for Multichannel (which, of course, can also be used with just headphones and stereo speakers). Since it is necessary to have SoundID Reference version 5.3. in order to launch this trial now, it will not be possible on macOS 10.13 as it is no longer supported with version 5.3.. 

    With that said, we can offer an option for you, so you can try out the software on your machine. You have submitted support requests and our team will follow up with you shortly with additional details on this.

    The minimum requirements for SoundID Reference have been updated (including the supported OS systems), therefore, please note that warranty terms may not apply. 

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